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John Grooters is a multi-award-winning filmmaker who has brought stories of redemption and truth to the screen for over 20 years. As a writer and co-writer John has worked alongside some of the leading playwrights, theologians, and scientists in the world and translated their work for popular consumption, as well as written many of his own screenplays and scripts.

John’s experience in film is as vast as it is engaging, but his first love is storytelling – on every scale. His portfolio includes everything from 30 second spots to foreign and domestically-produced feature films; from documentaries to teachings series; from graphics-laden, trade-show eye candy to composited CG fantasy worlds. John’s work has been seen by millions throughout the world in theaters, museums, festivals, trade-shows, conferences, and on broadcast television. Filmography


John and his crew are a rugged band of seasoned professionals, well-versed in film production as local as highlighting community charities and as grandiose as Hollywood-scale feature films. Equipped to uproot and transplant operations to any location in the world, under any circumstances, and in any given climate, John has produced some of the most exquisite films in the most challenging of terrains and conditions – and in fact, he thrives in them. If there’s a story to be told, the team will blaze a trail across land, air, and sea to get there.

Along with his core team, John regularly works with noted professionals in the industry, including top camera, crew and production teams from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Cairo, Bucharest, Athens, Jerusalem, Rome, and London.


John and his wife, Judy, also run Grooters Productions, a world-class, full-service media production company based in Holland, Michigan. As one of West Michigan’s largest post-production facilities, GP is fully capable of handling every aspect of media production and more under one roof, including color correction and visual effects, print and digital design, audio recording and post, and web and app development. GP also works closely with sister company Cinevee, a digital distribution platform that provides media hosting and delivery, e-commerce, and promotional tools to allow anyone to sell and deliver digital content anywhere in the world.

Got a story to tell? A project that needs some support? Contact John and his team today. If you can dream it, they want to run that race with you.