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The Real Manger of Jesus ChristFrom Rachel to Mary

The Real Manger of Jesus Christ is a controversial, Indiana-Jones-archaeology meets CSI-forensic-science type of documentary. It takes place where Christians believe Jesus was born, where Jews believe King David was born, and where the Bible records that Rachel, the matriarch of Israel, was buried. That area is called Bethlehem Ephrath, the Tower of the Flock. For centuries, people traveled far and wide to see the spots where these events supposedly took place. Incredible new archaeological finds suggest that, for centuries, people visited the wrong places.

The Real Manger of Jesus Christ places these findings within the context of the Bible, as supported by secular history. Supplemented with recreations, animations, and artistic renderings, this doc takes viewers on an incredible journey from the physical and Biblical history to the modern discovery. Startling clues yield evidence that tie these finds directly back to actual Biblical events.

Join us as we search for the real manger of Jesus Christ.


A story like this feels too fantastic to be true, until you begin to uncover piece by piece the incredible web of archaeology, literature, and the biblical narrative. Each step along the path brought me closer to an incredible realization – we were on a journey of discovery that was potentially the biggest archaeological find of the century, of many centuries, especially for Christians.

Archaeology is an inexact science, and there is always the danger that people will see what they want to see and find what they want to find. But this documentary presents the evidence as we found it and lets the viewer decide. It is an incredible story!